The Government of Ontario requires that materials coming into contact with potable water comply with both the American Water Works Association (AWWA) quality criteria as set out in AWWA Standards and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) safety criteria as set out in ANSI Standard NSF/60 or NSF/61.
Glen Chemicals Limited is a chemical wholesale and distribution company, established as a limited corporation in 1971. Over the years, we've experienced steady growth and stability. We value the strong business relationships that have developed with our customers and suppliers alike.

Our product lines include janitorial and laundry/housekeeping supplies, swimming pool chemicals and water treatment chemicals. We also offer custom-packaging of Sodium Hypochlorite of all types and sizes.

Our customer base is comprised of industrial/institutional businesses as well as several municipalities and government agencies. With our extensive line of products, we are able to provide solutions for today's changing environments.
Glen Chemicals Limited has a commitment to market quality products which are environmentally sound and which do not endanger the health or safety of employees or customers.

Our products are packaged in high-quality, UN compliant containers. The plastic is recyclable, and totes and drums are also returnable. The cartons we use to package our products contain 88% post-industrial or recycled forest waste. All waste corrugate from our plant is shipped directly to a manufacturing facility for recycling.

We will continue to reduce our impact on the environment through package reduction, waste reduction, and the increased use of recycled material.